BBT Chart... Thoughts?

Amanda • Marine Wife • VII.III.MMXIV • MC August 2015 • BFP 8/7/16 Rainbow Due 4/19/17
I tried posting this on the chart analysis page but I received no feedback so here I am! Obviously, the begging of my chart is a mess, this was my first time officially charting. I started taking it properly on CD12. I ovulated on CD15 with a positive OPKs on CD14. I've been having creamy cm when I'm usually dry until AF arrives. My expected AF is 8/10 ish, praying that bitch doesn't show. I'm really hoping this is our rainbow baby! How does my pattern look? Is it promising? How do I know if it's a good chart or not? Any advice or input is appreciated. Baby dust 💓💓💓