So lately I've been out of breathe after walking and talking and I know I'm chunky but not enough to be having shortage of breathe out of nowhere. Well AF was due 7/26/16 and I've been 7 days late before so I brushed it off' on 7/29 I felt wet and text hunny Wahh soo disappointed I got my period and I wore a pad for about 2 hours light creamy only so I stopped wearing pads then the next day 7/30 the same thing for about 2 hours here and there some spotting' well I went back and forth this morning about how I don't feel pregnant and I mean I'm only ย 8 days late it happens doesn't it? Well I took my ass to the clinic and got a test I sat there rethinking no I'm not pregnant I can't be maybe my spotting was like a start of my period to AF (yes I made these weird assumptions lol) I kept saying but I don't feel pregnant but then they do say every pregnancy is different oh well it's better to know that I'm not so I can start working out bcuz this shortage of breathe is not good' well I finally got the results and it was positiveโค๏ธ๐ŸŒ™๐Ÿ™