First time mommy

Anyone else can't believe their really gonna be a momma ? I get really emotional and don't kno if I can really do it or fit that discription 😩! My child's dad is in jail & I really feel like I need him a lot ! Sometimes I feel like Ima be super mom 💪🏽 lol its just this little feeling I get inside wen it runs past my mind I'm really gonna have A baby to raise 😬. I'm so scared ugh ! But I have to do it ! I get so nervous sometimes & so doubtful but I kno I am strong ! I just don't want no worries 😓. I just wish he can come home soon he makes me feel so much better ! But he gives me prep talks ! Telling me I can do it so snap out of it & get ready to push this baby out ! It's mines & no one else's so I have to do it ! 😩. I just get these weird feelings cause I'm a first time mom 😪.