⭐️TMI cm picture⭐️ UPDATE

UPDATE: I couldn't bare the thought of ovulating late and missing my window so I went ahead and tested for LH. I am def no where near ovulation which means I was right on time with my fertile week! 😁🙈 so relieved. Idk what all that discharge was, but right now I'm just happy my body didn't fail me and did its thing when it was supposed to! 7 dpo today!! Thank
You to all you ladies who took the time to comment. I never get comments on here so thank you 💕 here's the opk. Never thought I'd be glad to see it negative 😳
 Original post:
I've had light cramps all day. I ignore that cause last month the same happened and I didn't get pregnant. Usually I have little cm throughout my entire cycle. Wether I'm fertile or not. Tonight I was getting ready for bed (I sleep naked) and felt this huge amount of wetness down there and in between my legs. I touched it and it was Cervical Mocus that looks like school glue. Am I right? I'm confused and posting anonymously because I am embarrassed to post this. But I usually have little cm so I've never had experienced this much and want to make sure I am where I am in my cycle. Any input would help. Thanks 
I already had my ovary pain as if I was ovulating.. Right on time when Glow said it would. Could I have ovulated twice? This is so confusing. 😩😩😩