Severe "morning sickness"

Hi all- I'm only 5 weeks 5 days but this week morning sickness kicked in full force.  I cannot function, the sick feeling in my stomach has me in a paralyzed state where even walking and talking are a struggle.  Mornings and evenings are the absolute worst -where I seriously feel I'm going to die. I have trouble breathing, I get slight tremors and chills.  I've tried saltines, preggie pops, sea bands, ginger ale and nothing is working.  I work full time and sitting in my desk with co workers around me wanting to talk / go out to eat has been so hard to deal with. No one at works knows yet. I've only vomitted once but I'm already fearing that this is only to get worse as the weeks progress.  I had NO idea early pregnancy would be this torturous. I feel no connection to my baby even though he/she was planned and so desired. All I can think is HOW I'm going to get through this alive.  I just need to vent - I feel so guilty feeling the way I do but this pregnancy has me feelin utterly miserable. ;-(