I think I'm pregnant but I'm having a big issue

Carlynicole • - C
I have been pregnant before but sadly misscarried. I am engaged and living with my man and we don't use condoms ever. We're in a good place and both have discussed we want children. We aren't necessarily trying to have a baby, but if I do end up pregnant again we would also be so grateful and excited.
This month my period was two weeks late. I've been so busy I didn't even notice until I saw my little calendar on here telling me I am 15 days late.
Then all of a sudden 3 days ago I had noticed I was spotting and it was a brownish color. Last time I got pregnant when I spotted it was pink but my Doctor has told me before it could be pink or brown when you spot for pregnancy.
The next two days I started to bleed slightly heavier but nothing near as heavy as the first two days of my period always are. And it has been a reddish brown color.
Today I barely bled at all and the little spotting I had was both this morning when I first woke up and then a little after I cooked us dinner. And today it was pinkish red ; but like I said barely anything. Not even a stain on my pad or panties only spotting when I wiped... And I haven't seen a drop of blood in the past few hours since then.
If anyone has any thoughts, or advice, or ideas of what this could mean, whether it be in pregnant or not , it would be greatly appreciated if I could get some feed back. 
I also set a reminder/alarm on my phone to call my obgyn and primary physician tomorrow.
Thanks guys!