That moment when ☟😲🚫✂🌮😭


You finally see the recently trimmed, spotty forest that is.... your woman goods.

Hooooollllllllly shit! Like couldnt he have warned me? Wth was I thinking?! Baaaahahahahahahahaha. It, no shit, looks like every other swipe of the razor I infact had NO razor at all. Lol. This spot needs a little less.... this spot has no hair at all... this spot needs damn hair clippers! Perhaps it is time to let the hubs do the grooming for me, I mean fuck it, I can't see the damn thing anyways. I'm gonna cut my whole damn hoohah off if I keep up this charade. Or maybe just let that shit go for now. I'll see it again one day right? Some day after my due date?! Lol. It can wait til then. Hahaha I shall call it.... No Shave 'TIL' November....... and I shall own that shit til the wheels fall off. Baaaahahahahahahahahahaha