Breast size changes

Brit • One and done so I'll be a FTM forever.
I'm just wondering if any non-FTM have had their breasts shrink at all prior to weaning? I plan on breastfeeding for at least a year and would like to avoid buying a new wardrobe for the upper half of my body if possible (I've gone from 32D to 34DDD or bigger but haven't been able to find a larger cup size in stores around me). Baby is now 2 months old and other than the daily fluctuations with feeding I'm still as big as ever. I've found stretchy nursing bras that work and I fit back in my pants (I only have 10lbs left to lose) but only have a couple tops that fit. Should I invest in more tops/bathing suits/dresses/ sweaters or wait it out for shrinkage? Thanks :-) 3: