Ladies with dopplers

BabyBlu🐼 • Mom of Irish twins

Hi, i dont have an ultrasound until August 25 so i bought myself a doppler to keep track of baby until then. I found the heartbeat at around 9 weeks and i have been able to find it ever since around the same spot. Most Youtube videos and comments on here say that you have to be pretty exact on baby's location to get a good reading. Well i was talking to my mom and she said that one of my aunts has 2 sets of twins and my grandma had a set of twins as well. So this morning after i found the heartbeat (on the left side) i decided to just "look" around a bit for fun and i heard a baby heartbeat down the center. Im 12 weeks and i could hear what sounded like little kicks so im not sure if baby moved, if im just catching an "echo" of the baby from a different spot or if there might be twins in there. I did put my wand back on the left side where i always find baby and sure enough i heard a heartbeat there too, then i put back in the center and i heard a heartbeat there too. I can distinguish between a baby's heartbeat and my own/placenta so there's no question whether its a baby's heartbeat that im hearing or not.

For those of you that have confirmed one baby, have you heard your baby's heartbeat in more than one spot (not a different angle but a whole pick up your hand and move it kind of different spot?)

Thanks for any insight!