Mrs. Sinner • ♡~Mrs. Sinner~♡

So my husband and I have 2 kids and a baby on the way. Our 6 year old is autistic and our other is a typical hyper 4 year old, we have absolutely no one where we live and not a single person to baby sit so we don't get date nights ever but we make our own little date nights at home after bed time. Well this time we got sort of creative and brought a bunch of blankets and pillows outside to lay under the stars on the trampoline in our back yard. We had music playing, he had a couple drinks (I did not) and the night just sort of got the best of us. Now I'd like to point out that we live in a very secluded house with private property signs posted and no close neighbors with woods all around us. So in the heat of the moment in the privacy of our back yard and the sin of making love on the kids trampoline we started deep kissing and ended up butt naked when a group of people decided to

trespass to go hiking through our woods. Let's just say with site of pregnant naked me having kinky wild monkey sex with my also naked serial killer looking husband... I don't think they will be trespassing here again any time soon.