Dissatisfied w/ doctors appointment

Today I called to get an earlier appt. Due to vomiting and loose bowel after having contractions late last night. At the office you get a different midwife each time. I'm 37 weeks today. Was told that contractions came from the vomiting and bm, even though I told her the contractions came way before they started. She checked my cervix and said I was at 2cm and stretchy For the past weeks at my appts as well as l&d visits I've been at 3cm. Normally my LO heart rate is between 120 and 140, today it was 160.She didn't talk to me about delivery or anything. I've never seen this midwife my whole pregnancy. I didn't agree with everything she said. At the end was told if the pain comes back nd bad go to l&d Nd sent me on my way