PCOS and Metformin. Results? Side effects?


Hi Ladies,

Wondering if anyone can share with me their experience with Metformin for PCOS.

A little background on me....

I'm 30 and TTC.

I had an IUD (paraguard, no hormones) for 2 years. I had regular periods the entire time.

I got the IUD removed six months ago. I stopped getting my period and after 3 months my gyno did blood work and a pap. Pap was fine. Blood work showed a "very slight elevation of testosterone".

I've also been gaining a lot weight it seems and it's like I can't stop it. Those 2 factors got me the PCOS diagnosis.

I was put on 500mg twice a day and after two weeks with no side effects to that dosage, my PCP (who after consulting with my gyno is the prescriber) wants me to go on 1000mg twice daily. She just wanted to check how my body was responding to it with the lower dose.

My questions are:

Anyone out there notice changes when taking Metformin for PCOS?

Anyone conceive after starting Metformin and if so how long did it take?

What dosages are common with PCOS? 2000mg a day sounds like a lot to me but after some Internet digging it's looking like it might not be.

What are some ways you've found useful to combat the weight gain other than exercising? What kind of diets? I have been cutting back on anything with added sugars. With this particular condition is anything more helpful then the usual stuff?

Anyone get to the point where there PCOS just went away?

I would just like to hear some real life experiences. Thanks in advance!