Baby gender

Alright ladies I'm pregnant with baby number two! And before y'all say anything I know every pregnancy is different! But here it goes! With my 1st (our beautiful daughter who is 18 months) I had crazy bad morning sickness, beautiful clear skin, craved fruits and veggies, she sat on the right constantly and her heart beat started in the low 140's and jumped to the 160's-170's by my 3rd appt. With this one I've had no morning sickness (hubby had sympathy sickness), my acne has been horrible, I crave a ton of sweets (I hate candy and any sweet thing 😩), this baby is always on the left and heart beat was 177 at the first appt. now is down in the low 150's- high 140's. I find out the 22nd what we are having I just want yalls guess! ❤️
Also a pic of me on the left with our daughter at 16 weeks and on the right of this pregnancy 16 weeks I am currently 18 weeks 3 days.

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