I just don't feel Pregnant 😔BETA UPDATE 2days later it was 301.4

Alexus • After 4 miscarriages & slightly complicated pregnancy my first baby has made it to the world born April 3,2017 7lbs 4oz. Ayden Joshua ❤️
I've had 4m/c around this time 4-5 weeks (currently 4w3d) and my boob pain comes and goes I'm hungry and sleepy and going to pee a little more. But the hungry and sleepy is kinda always me lol I'm just afraid that I'm loosing my baby. Had cramping at 11 & 12 dpo the worst and got my betas on 14dpo 137.. Go back today for the next draw. I'm just afraid of history repeating. The cramping has SIGNIFICANTLY decreased and I'm on progesterone so I'm wondering could that be preventing my m/c I'm just trying to enjoy my pregnancy but it's sooooo hard with my history..