Just a friend?

So I've been talking and seeing this guy for about 5ish months now. We hang out EVERY day. Sometimes I stay the night at his house. When we first started talking we decided we didn't want the drama and expectations and such so we decided to just be "friends" but then the feelings came along. He gets jealous and so do I. He makes me feel so good about myself and calls me beautiful and such. He says that we don't talk to other people but that he has cheated in his past. He claims that was when he was young and stupid and had no respect. I believe him and trust him. I've met all of his family and he's met mine. I really love everything about him and I'm afraid that I am falling in love with him... I don't want to tell him and freak him out because of how we are just staying friends. I don't mind the no title part because its pretty much a relationship already. We've had conversations about what we are and he always tells me how I would make a great great great girlfriend and that he sees us being together in the future, just not right now? I don't really understand that but I'd rather have him in my life like this than not at all. I just don't really want to wait around forever. Especially to just find out he doesn't want me anymore... I just need to know if you girls have had anything like this and what you think I should do!!!