How often?

Hey! I was a little curious about something. I was talking to a neighbor yesterday and we got on the topic of like how a man should treat his lady. Neighbor said he wants to buy his girl things more often than just birthday and Christmas and pay for her to go and do stuff, like get her nails or hair done. Like legitimately enjoys doing that for her. That totally surprised me because my fiancé is  the complete opposite. He only buys me stuff if he's socially obligated to, like on our anniversary or my birthday. How common is that? Im not trying to sound ungrateful, I just haven't been able to even afford to get my eyebrows done ($15) in months because money is tight for me, while he makes $600+ a month more than me, and I had to pay a $215 vet bill by myself this month. I'm just curious. How often do your SOs buy things for you or pay for you to do things? Is my neighbor just out of the ordinary? My fiancé is the only guy I ever dated, so I don't know what I should actually expect from him on this since I have no experience. 
Btw, we don't share money, don't have a joint bank account or anything. I just transfer him half of the bills and rent every month. I pay for his dog (he bought it), all our groceries and the majority of our food when we go out to eat out, in addition to every personal expense I have. That all comes directly out of my bank account. I don't know what he does with his checks besides paying for his insurance and gas. I got some responses about how we shared money, but couldn't reply anonymously.