Rant <husbands are dumb>

SO annoyed. Last week I was super fertile, this week, not so much. I'm trying to NFP to not get preggo, so I was super excited to have sex this week. But literally every day DH has come home from work pissed off, annoyed, etc. he goes to sleep early and doesn't want to talk to me. I understand work is hard, but he literally asked me if I was 'hungry' (our code word), and I said yes, and he rolled over and went to sleep. We've never done that to each other: we always vowed to be there for each other, perhaps once when I was pregnant and literally falling asleep did I turn him down but I could tell he was awake for a while. 
I'm just sooo frustrated because tonight he went out to a men's Toastermasters club and came home, and is 100% angry. He has a midterm due tomorrow night (he's taking a few extra classes before he can qualify to sit for the CPA exam). Also he's asking for a review at work tomorrow (cause we can't make it on his salary right now he desperately needs a raise). And I've been egging him all this week and last week to do his fucking homework but he's been slacking off. How do I be empathetic at this point? I literally told you so! And I don't even want him to do homework I want him to fuck me. I don't masterbate because of many reasons, and also I need that emotional connection to him right now.
Ugh. Sorry, I'm just alone, horny, and tired because I have a 7 month old I've been stuck at home with all day & night since we went straight to the meeting after work today. Also I won't see him tomorrow too because he's got class tomorrow night. So I have to wait Til Saturday except we have friends coming over in the evening and the yard is a disaster area. He's got to clean the outside & I have to clean the inside....
Ha! As I typed this he came in, slapped my butt, and I retorted what do you want? He said nothing just saying hi then left. Cool. So. Pissed. Off.