Crazy hormones

So I just exploded on my brother in law. He always try's anyone in our family how to raise our kids. Be it going outside when it's raining or how to share, etc. mind you he has no kids of his own, isn't married, is very irresponsible at 27 years old. Well today I was already feeling out of sorts and I didn't let my daughter eat a yogurt because she didn't eat well all day and I wanted her to eat food. Well he comes huffing and puffing that where is the damn yogurt let her eat the freaking yogurt And I had enough! So I go outside to tell me husband she can't have yogurt because she didn't eat right. (She doesn't even like yogurt. She's always takes a bite or 2 and leaves the rest) well as I give in and am going inside with my daughter and the freaking yogurt he has to yell as soon as I'm at the door to let her have the damn yogurt and I exploded. Thing escalated quickly and my hormones got the best of me and I ended outwit ha big fuck you! Am I proud of how I acted? No but I definitely didn't need my husband to come tell me that I was wrong. I've never told him anything and today I just couldn't hold back. Ugh rant over. 
I hate these damn hormones. 🙄