Need to vent!

I am so frustrated with my husband lately. We have a 6 year old and a 15 month old. I stay home with the kids while he works and we co sleep with the 15 month old so we never have time together. We want to try for another baby but he won't stop playing computer games long enough to even spend any time with me. He comes home from work at 5 eats dinner then starts playing until 10 or 11 o clock. I don't just want sex I want time with him to but he says cuz we are in the same room we are spending time alone. I put our son to bed every night then go in the living room hoping for some action or time and nothing. Then he gets mad at me for getting mad. He thinks I only want sex to have another baby but that's not it i miss the intimacy. He has always been big into games and I've always hated it sometimes he's good and doesn't play but lately it's bad again and he doesn't think it's a problem, I am so frustrated by it i don't even know what to do.