I have had my period past 2 month for 2 days and normally with the app I start a day early.. but I've been starting right on time with the app I used to cramp bad but now on my period not cramping at all and since my period before last my left boob was so sore so I decided to pull on t he nipple n check for discharge as ive read to watch out for. So when I did it came out a little milky and has some it everyday since not to bad. Me and the spouse have been ttc for about 3 to 6 months now I took a test right b4 this period and it was negative. I've been moody,best bigger n nipple color has darkened..I don't know what's going on advice please!!! What are the chances I still might be pregnant?! If there's not then why could my boob be doing this I'm 21..ig him nervous.