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First things first: I am eighteen. I have had a size 38DDD since i was 14. Recently I've started to have to tuck them into my bra. I'm in a G. And it's awful. My back aches and hurts. It makes me so insecure I cry about it. If i went down sizes i would only want to go to a D-DD seeing as my body would not look right without bigger boobs. But mine are TOO big. Do they lift your breasts? As in make them look perkier? And do the scars fade? I have researched.

Second, does anyone know any way to get rid of some serious arm flab?? I am so out of shape and i really need tips.

Third, if i get them done would i ever be able to get nipple piercings? I don't know how that works.

Lastly, I'm definitely looking into getting my next tattoo soon. I'm not 100% sure what. But I'm thinking the outline of a gladiolus going up my spine, or a poppy underboob tattoo. Any thoughts??