My friends kid

🎃beautiful disaster🎃
So i have been friends with this girl for over 7 years now. She is a wonderful person, and always goes out of her way to help people. She has always been there for me, if i needed help, physically and verbally. She has a 5yr old boy, and i cant stand him. He is such a brat. The worst part is, she thinks hes funny and never disciplines him. He is mean to my kids, demanding their toys, and when he doesnt get his way, he throws himself to the ground. I can no longer invite them to my house, because of his actions(on top of that, he breaks all their toys). He stole my food a few months back, and called me a fat cow.. i havent asked them back out to eat after that. He hits my kids.. he hits his mother and tells her to shut up all the time and she just laughs. He acts like one of those kids youd see from the maury show. No respect at all! She was telling me not that long ago, he started creeping on her, and is now a little perv. Hes obsessed with her body. This kid is literally the spawn of satan. I cant stand him, neither can my family. Its sad, because i am losing my friend. I miss hanging out with her and talking to her. Anyways, i have invited her to my baby brunch, and i am terrified she is going to bring him, and ruin my party. I dont want him there, so how can i politely ask her not to bring him, without giving the hint that i dont want him there? Its going to be at a tea house, so its going to be very quiet and relaxed. I dont need him screaming and acting like a little terrorist stealing peoples food, and tearing into the cake before its cut. Im to the point right now, i wish i never sent her an invite because of him.