PP period or something worse?

I'm a little worried. I'm a FTM, had my first child on July 9th. Around end of 3 weeks beginning of 4 weeks me and my husband had sex twice. My bleeding had stopped and my stitches were gone. There wasn't any pain during having sex and no bleeding after. So beginning of 5 weeks we had sex again and the next day, which was yesterday, I started bleeding very lighty not even enough to get on my pad. It was only when I wiped. Sorry I know, TMI. My first thought was I got my period again because I had a little bit of cramping and I'm not breastfeeding which I know can delay your period. I guess I'm just worried because the bleeding is so light and not like a normal period for me. Am I just being paranoid and its my first period or could it be internal bleeding from sex? So confused.