My best friend says he hates me....

***This is super long! I'd appreciate it if you guys read it and gave your opinion on the matter! If you're not up for the read or only read half and assume you know best and can make any rude and poorly thought out statement, please refrain from commenting your opinion! Thank you!***

First of all I'm 19 I'm a female. My best friend is 22 and a guy. I've known him a little over 10 years.

He's been with this girl for 2.5 years. They have a daughter who is almost 2.

He and I talk about lots of things. Seek each other's advice and all.

So let me give a brief history of their relationship...they met at a party and he just hooked up with her and that was it for a while. He ran into her a few months later went for coffee and that soon they started dating. Then she left him for another guy. He was angry but eventually got over it. She got dumped by her new man and came crawling back to him. And as his best friend I said honestly I wouldn't get back with her. He didn't listen (which is ok becauee it's his life and I don't control it he's his own person!) He always complained about her. She would lie, she quit her job because he had enough money so she saw no point in working. She would always be crying over random shit. If he was working and not near his phone and missed a call she would cry and assume he was cheating. Or when he had to take his grandma to an appointment for her eyes she thought he was lying and sleeping around. Well in no time she was pregnant. He tried to tell me it was planned and that this was what they both wanted but I knew it wasn't. But again it was his life. She had a job (like 2 days a week at a department store) and then never showed up. Anytime she was scheduled she'd say she was ill. And during her sick days she would go shopping for baby stuff and spend his money and not contribute at all financially.

Fast forward. They're engaged and planning the wedding. They had a fight about buying diapers (yes it's as stupid as it sounds) a and she went and keyed his car because he wouldn't physically go to the store. She's more than capable of going out to buy dope but she won't go out for diapers. Just a week ago (they're to be married in 2 weeks) she cheated on him slept with some guy she met at a bar and told him that she was forced into it. He (my best friend) checked her texts and she had been texting him for weeks and that they planned on having sex. He was mad and hurt and SHE turned to him and said well maybe we shouldn't get married. He said he needed space and went for a drive to clear his head. He came and saw me to talk it out.

I told him he should not marry her. Then he told me but what if she changes and I said she might but she won't any time soon. There are a lot of red flags in this relationship. He turned to me and said no relationship is perfect. Which is true! But come on! He said he feels like he's wasted his time with her but he still wants to marry her which I don't understand! He believes that he needs to get back at her and cheat just to prove a point. I told him that would prove his immaturity and that he'd be an idiot to do so and that he should just walk away now as oppose to divorcing her in a year when she takes him for all he has.

He told me he hates me.