Preterm labor and had no clue!

So yesterday was my baby shower and I was on my feet quite a bit.. I'm 34 weeks tomorrow. I have been having very very mild cramping very low for the past couple days.. I thought this was just the baby punching me putting pressure on my bladder.. Again nothing even remotely uncomfortable.. Totally didn't bat an eye.. Anyways so today I went pee in the after noon and had bright red spotting when I wiped.. Only once the second wipe was clean. I hadn't had any kind of spotting in over a month.. (Had placenta previa with bleeding my entire pregnancy but was deemed fine at 29weeks, no blood since) so without much concern I told my fiancé  I need to see the doctor to check. So I called and the nurse said to go to labor and delivery just in case. I told my fiancé and he was like "can we go in an hour?" 😂 Lmao I'm like well I feel ok but we should just go now to be safe!.. Guys I swear... So we go in and I was hooked up to monitors and it turns out I was having contractions and I wasn't even feeling them! The doctor checked me and I was 1cm dilated and 80% effaced.. The doctor said the baby is like RiGHT there.. Really really low.. I was giving pills to take every 6 hours to stop contractions and a steroid shot to help baby's lungs develop faster.. The doctor said I wouldn't be a huge deal if the baby is born now (he did not think we would have the baby tonight) but that if he was that the baby would only need to grow in the hospital for a week or two... He said I looks like I most likely won't make it 6 more weeks but that he said our goal is AT LEAST to August 27th (1 month before my due date).. Doctor seemed pretty relaxed and made me not so concerned which is nice. They said hopefully the baby just stays in there to the due date but we really don't know. I got to go home but I have to go back tomorrow for a second steroid shot.