Finally in Labor! 40 weeks 3 days

Cleaned like crazy yesterday, walked 5 miles, had sex at night. Even had a glass of wine before bed. Slept like a million bucks and I woke up at 6am this morning with crazy painful contractions, logged them on my contraction app and finally called the hospital at 945am when they were 9 minutes apart taking my breathe away. They told me it sounds like labor and to head on in. I got to the hospital at 1021am, and sat in a room for 2 hours with horrible contractions, only dilated to a 2, they said this was just early labor. I got a membrane sweep at 1230pm and started my bloody show. At 245pm I was dilated to 5cm. Finally admitted into a L&D room.  They let me labor in the bathtub which worked really well for a while and I was even able to take a few bites to eat of a southwest wrap between contractions. I've been having contractions every 2 minutes and finally decided it was epidural time. What a god send. I am relaxed, eating Popsicles and drinking Sprite. Happy as a clam. They said he will be here tonight! Good luck to all you ladies overdue. 630pm right now.