Nervous and scared I'll never be a mummy

So recently me and my boyfriend started actively ttc!! But I'm scared as we have been together for a while and we have never used anything to stop a child (I'm allergic to some things and others messed me up to much to carry on taking them) and we both knew that it was a possibility that we could have a child! So not trying to cause a problem there!! 
So what I'm saying is I'm scared as the only thing that's changed now is that we are recording when we have it and paying more attentions to the best days to ttc! And I've started taking more folic acid! (Was already on as was low) 
I'm just scared I'll never been able to ask went to the doctors for a routine check up a couple of years back and they said its possible I might not be able to have kids! (They didn't do a fertility test though)
So please let me just be worrying about nothing!! Please please!! Let me see a bfp soon!!