I caught him cheating.

I'm 9 months pregnant, my husband opened my car door then voxed someone. I guess he didn't think I could hear, because he said "I love you, and I want to be with you but I'm still married," 
He got in the car and could tell I was angry. I asked who he was talking to and he said a coworker and flailed like a fish out of water to come up with some bull shit conversation. I've been angry all day. We haven't really talked much since. We built a tv stand together and ate and now he's chipper as fuck going to see his mom and wouldn't leave till I kissed him goodbye, I bet you anything he's gonna see that home wrecker too. 
I know he loves me still and wants to be with me but he said I love you to another girl. 
And now that I'm gonna be a raging bitch and not give him any affection because who wants to kiss someone when they're cheating on you, it'll drive him away and make him want to be with her I'm sure. 
I wish I could tell family, but I know the way I'm handling/will handle it in the future, no one will agree with. So I'm gonna post it here.
I just want to be happy. So he can do whatever the fuck he wants and I'm gonna focus on me and my baby and not let him hurt me. 
I love him and I won't  be with anyone else, but that doesn't mean I need to stay and be sad. Life's what you make it. He made his life complicated, I'm about to make mine simple 😘🖕🏻