Oops help

Hey so a little background of what previously happened to me. So me and my friend were tanning at the pool in March and we look over at the gym which over looks the pool and sees a guy jacking off to us.. we ignore it because I figured he stopped after seeing us catch him! Then my friend walks to the bathroom he creeps around corner and continues to jack off while starring at me. We contact the office who contact the police and they take care of the issue! Well today I went to the gym and this guy was creeping through the blinds staring at these girls at the pool! Like really!! He wasnt doing anything but just staring at them. I got creeped out because of what previously happened. After that I go up to the ladies and tell them hey I have had a previous event happened where a guy was doing inappropriate acts while watching me and my friend tan and there is a peepin tom in the gym staring at you guys just letting you know to be careful since there are no cameras and the lady goes oh that was my son!!!! I was so embarrassed!! I told them everything that happened to me previously and they completely understood but I was so embarrassed I feel like apologizing to the guy. Ugh do I just forget about it? Ugh