Is it bad or unhealthy too be in a relationship with someone where his mom doesn't  like you? She has the respect enough to at least say hi, but other than that his mom doesn't have conversations with me we don't bound at all and it makes me feel unwelcomed like she wishes her son (my bf) was with someone better.. I try everytime to talk to her , all she does is answer whatever it is that I'm talking to her about and she stays quiet. Then when i try to bound with her she shuts me down with "no i got it , no thank u" and it makes me feel stupid but hurt.. I've been with her son for 5 years now and idk what to do anymore.. I strongly believe and know she doesn't like me and it hurts cause his mom is the closest person too him so when its just me him and his mother its just them two talking having fun and I'm just on the side invisible.. She won't look at me the whole time and im just like ok maybe i should leave..😒😔 he says she loves me but hes just saying that to lighten me up.. She laughs jokes around talks to everyone BUT me and i honestly don't know why..