can anyone help me😩

Kinda worried. But I might be over worrying. 
So in July I had protected sex outside my fertile window, with a condom and he didn't ejaculate for five minutes, the condom didn't break
Before that during my fertile period I gave my bf a handjob and blowjob and I swallowed so all I would've had on my hand is Precum and spit, which I wiped on a towel, but I think I may have accidentally touched myself after so I was worried about pregnancy.
I got my period that month and it seemed a little lighter, there was still a flow and lasted six days. I had bad ovulation pains after that period and my stomach was tender and I got my period in early August, I haven't had sex since July. I had taken a pregnancy test after that first light period which was negative, and I took another one before the period in August which freaked me out because I thought I saw a line but I was literally watching the results come up before its recommended to look at them. after three minutes it was clearly negative though. I went to my doctor to get put on birth control, and I had to take a urine test which was negative as well. 
Now I'm on birth control and I just feel weird I'm a week into it, and I'm so bloated and sometimes nauseous and I feel heavier and my boobs are sore. It's freaking me out that in pregnant even though that's probably not possible right?
I'm such a hypochondriac and I keep feeling my stomach for a growing uterus and I keep feeling my bladder and probably my intestines and freaking out. 
Are these normal bc side effects? Am I worrying for no reason?