🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 (UPDATE‼️‼️‼️)

Tahnycia🌸 • Kreed Messiah💙👶🏽
Okay i took the ovulating test on the far left this morning. Is it positive? Idk , i just feel like they all look the same to me. (Never buying these again🙄) . I also wanted to know if you can ovulate with creamy cervical mucus or does it HAVE to be EWCM in order to consider yourself fertile?  (It goes in order from right to left) 
UPDATE👶🏾‼️: so i took some you ladies advice & kept taking the ovulation test to see if these lines get any darker because i wasnt sure if i ovulated yesterday (8/24). BUT i took one this morning (8/25) & LOOK .... Im ovulating (far left). Me and SO BD yesterday while using preseed & a Soft Cup... BD again today as well. Thanks you guys👶🏾✨😍☺️💕