People's and their ugly attitude and negativity

Let's start with this is my 3rd pregnancy my older son is 8 year olds and my second son is 1 year and 4 months and im now pregnant with my third one im 33 weeks pregnant but some how people's at my job just out of no where and this is every day thing you need to stop having kids this is your last one right? You might as well go ahead and get your tube tide and burn it after you have your baby, i don't know why people have to be so mean it's my family me and my husband decided how many kids we are going to have and he is a good husband and provide whatever his kids need and what's worse i didn't do anything to these people's for them to just attacks me in so many ways even the worse thing they could say like yea it's normal your husband is Mexican that's what they do best making kids and some time it really do hurts my feelings for people to just say all kind of ugly stuff toward me they don't know our personal business or our everyday life we decided to have more kids because me and my husband are completely alone my husband father abandoned him when he was only 3 months old and he have 2 sister who live in Mexico we don't see very often maybe every 4 to 5 years once and on my side just me and my brother who live in Minnesota we don't see each other very often either and my father died when i was 9months old both of our mom never remarried so our family when it comes to holiday or birthday it's just my mom and my husband mom and our kids so we decided to have more kids so we won't grow old alone because we grow up alone which alone mean i don't have a sister to share my everyday life with and he dont have a brother to share his every day life with that's why we are having kids the number that we are choosing to have.