Working from home? FTM

I just got a new job at a bakery (dream job) and I wanted to start off before my baby is born so I can get some training in. I worked maybe three days, and on my third the owner pulled me into his office and said I can't work there anymore. He made it very clear that he was not firing me (guessing because of legal reasons and being a small business) but I could come back when I was done recovering after having her and he will see where he can put me. Obviously i got very upset but didn't let him know that. I just told him thank you and that I would see him later. Being 33 weeks it has come clear that any job will not hire me due to not wanting me to train then be off for 6-8 weeks. Is there any working moms that work from home? I'm a FTM and this has become harder than I thought. I still need to make money to pay rent and phone bill and everything else that I don't want my boyfriend paying all of.