What should I do?

I've been with my best friend of five years for about 18 months now, and he's not the same person I thought he was... A lot has happened since we've been together so I'm just going to summarize everything in between.
• We've broken up twice because my parents don't like him.
• Last year in September, his ex girlfriend gave birth and dropped a bomb shell saying it was his. We're still not 100% sure that the baby is his.. But, it must be. 
• Then just recently this Summer, this girl stalked my social media accounts from Instagram to Tumblr, then to my E-Mail, she found my FaceBook and then my number... Somehow. She also found my address. Then she tells me that my boyfriend is her boyfriend. 😒 Which makes no sense because he never showed any signs he was cheating on me. I was really mad at him. He was scared of losing me, but he denied all claims of meeting up with her or her coming to see him at his house.
• He works a part-time job at a Surf Shop but he still can't make the time to see me. 🤔 So it boosts my suspicions that  he's cheating on me.
• He ALWAYS bothers me about sex and that he needs it but I don't want to. I want to keep my virginity. And I don't want to get pregnant, I have a lot going for me right now.
• He never takes me out. If he does take me out, he stands me up and I'm waiting for hours on end just to spend time with him. I have no idea what he's up to.
• His dad has cancer as well. So.. I don't want to leave him hurt.
• Just today, he asked me for $200 for a ticket. 🙄 
Now, besides all of the fiascos with him.. I recently did some things I do not regret with a certain someone who's been in love with me for the past three years. I rejected him the first time but he stayed as my close friend, we've been through a lot with each other. He never gave up trying to get me though... So last night, he wanted to give me something at like 11:45 PM.. I met up with him outside of my house and he gave me his chain. Before, he left we kissed and said good night and then he left. 
Then today, he texted me in the afternoon and asked me if I was hungry. He bought me a Taco Salad, which happens to be my fave from Taco Bell! 😂 And then he came over, and we just cuddled and talked about my boyfriend. He said my boyfriend is an idiot, he doesn't know what he has... We didn't have sex but he brang a condom just in case, but before he left he did eat me out... And it felt amazing – mind you now, I've never had sex... 😁
I'm so confused. I really really want to break up with my boyfriend.