Black mold and pregnancy

So I need an opinion because no one I've talked to seems to be able to help. We have a bad black mold issue in our apartment, my landlord refuses to do anything, I've contacted the health department and they haven't contacted me back, and the state of Utah doesn't have any laws about mold and renters rights.. I'm 28 weeks pregnant and the only response my doctor had was if you start having symptoms then it will affect your baby.. What do I do? I'm so frustrated but I'm so worried something is happening to my child.. I've had migraines since we moved in and they just want to send me to a neurologist... What rights do I have? My landlord won't let us out of the contract either.. 
I went and saw my primary care doctor and he wrote a letter stating that while Utah doesn't have any direct testing for black mold we do not know what prolonged exposure will do to my child. He recommended that we move as soon as possible to a more sanitary environment. He also said I should get a similar letter from my OB and then take that to my attorney and I should be able to move out.