Need encouregement

Sue 🇵🇹

we're ttc #1 for 3 cycles and it's been manageable. We know it can take a year to conceive, etc. Sometimes it is hard when people ask you or make comments, specially when you just had your AF that morning. BUT, what I need encouragement for is for how to handle so much pressure while ttc and an immense workload, decisions to be made, small team, short deadlines, etc. I am nervous, anxious and tired all the time. I discovered I had anxiety issues in my early 20's And have always had them - just didn't know it was actually a disease. So, now, apart from feeling so down with anxiety over work, I feel it will not help at all to try to conceive. Anyone in the same situation? Can someone provide some comfort words/advise? I don't want to always bother my husband. Thank your.

Ps: i see a psicotherapist but due to holidays, I haven't seen her for a month now.