Shannon • 21|Mommy|Fiancee to Adam <3

I am between 7-8 days past OD and this past week its been just hell for me...

First off I noticed on my 3rd-5th day past Ov. That I was really bloated OUTTA of no where, I was feeling really nauseous especially in the morning and I normally don't feel like that even after I had a bite to eat.. (which I still am), I've been having headaches a lot more since past OD 4, I've been really really tired but when I go to try to lay down I can't fall asleep, On day 6 past OD. I got a runny/stuffy nose and I still have it on day 7-8 past OD. But I have been experiencing some real like vivid nightmares for the past 3 days and I have been going to rest room a lot. I woke up 4 times in the very early morning yesterday having to go.. Which is really rare for me because when I sleep I sleep. Ever since day 5 til now I have been having cramps and feeling more and more hungry as soon as I wake up which I don't ever really eat in the AM. But this past week I have been.. Idk if this is pregnancy or not but I really feel it is. I HAVEN'T EVER FELT LIKE THIS BEFORE A PERIOD COMING. I just feel like crap and no matter how much I do sleep it's like its getting worse.. I can test in 3 days on the 3rd. Which I was planning. I just saw my OB on the 29th and she even said she very highly thinks I am but at the time it's too soon to test. Even with a blood test... So I gotta wait it out. So I would really love to hear from you and see what you all think? To me I feel like I am and to my hubby to be he even says he really thinks I am. I also have been a bit moody the past 4 days just comes and go.. And my boobs were hurting a lot 4-5 days ago. I haven't noticed any change just yet in them but I noticed them hurting.. What do you all think? I'd love to hear some feedback.