Hot pregnant chick shamed mercilessly ..

Caitlyn • Mom of two sweet boys ❤️
Okay so yesterday I came across a post that was made by a woman named Amie Doherty , but she used a different username on Glow (something like Polly , but that's not it) . This probably sounds creepy , but I just wanted to find you and tell you that you are a GORGEOUS woman and I am forever jealous at your hot pregnant bod and everyone else who thinks you're fake or has anything else negative to say about you is just a jealous cunt (<-- straight up) and you should be proud of your amazing body ! I went on to see your post today only to find it has been removed by the administrators for whatever stupid reason and I think that is total bullshit . Considering you've been posting since you found out , it's pretty obvious you are not a fake person nor did you deserve any of that backlash . I don't know if you will ever read this , but I hope you do and I hope you reload that picture . Fuck what everyone else has to say ! Also sorry for so much cussing , but this seriously aggravates me that so many women would be that hateful towards another woman . We should be picking each other up , not putting each other down !