Tuxedo Cat



"I'm a soldier in the US army and I'm currently over halfway done with my deployment in Iraq. Earlier they sent a few people from my platoon home for various reasons. Injuries, family tragedies, babies being born, things like that. This left us short handed and I ended up taking a extra gaurdship at what is basically a big parking lot to civilians for military vehicles. This shift lasted from 2am-4am.

Anyway, 4 rolls around and our relief shows up right on time. I grab my weapon and head back to my room. Just as I pass through a small opening in a T wall barrier, 15ft from the cement shack I was staying in, something caught my eye in front of me. I stopped dead in my tracks. There was a black and white cat and I don't know why but the sight of it caused me to jump. I was afraid. Not like a "oh shit" type of fear but like a overwhelming anxiety and paranoia. The cat just sat there and I noticed something a little odd about it, I have a cat back in the states who's the absolute light of my life. She has white paws, a white chest and a little sliver of white on her nose. This cat looked just like mine. Obviously I knew it wasn't but the sight of a familiar feline friend was enough to make me relax. I slung my rifle to my side and walked about 3ft forward and crouched down with my arm outstretched in am attempt to coax the cat over for a pet. As soon as my lips pursed to make a "come here" sound I was over taken by fear.

From my crouched position of about a 3ft eye-level, the animal I was seeing looked completely different as if my visual perspective completely changed the animal. What I was looking at was no longer a cat but a broad dog-like animal with its head lowered just inches off the ground. All rationality abandoned me at this point. I couldn't make out a face, the only light was about 50 ft. away from me. What I was able to see were it's eyes, and they were clearly human. Go look into a mirror and open your eyes as wide as you possibly can. That's basically what I was looking at. It just stared at me and I stared back. I have never been more terrified in my entire life, I can tell you right now.

I slowly stood up, half expecting this thing to take the appearance of a cat once again but it didn't. The thing didn't move a fucking inch during this whole encounter. My weapon wasn't even enough to make me feel safe, so I backed away slowly keeping my eyes on it. I almost backed into the gap in the wall when the thing just disappeared. It didn't back away, it didn't run into the shadows, it just steadily wasn't there anymore. Right before it completely vanished I heared what sounded like a low, but loud guttural growl. It resignated off the walls. As soon as I passed back though the gap I bolted as fast as my legs could carry me back to my team leaders. I slept on their floor that night, blaming it on having to get up early. I haven't seen anything like that since but I still sometimes get that same overwhelming feeling of fear out gaurding."