My OB doctor just WOW 😲😡

Went in for my check up 37 weeks 5 days I've been in tremendous mount of pain with contractions, cramping and constant dull back pain I haven't sleepy in 5 days I try to nap when I can. I know doctors try to keep the baby in as long as possible I'm dilated at a 3 with no progression in dilation even with the strong contravtions. I was hoping maybe she could give me some pain medication since I basically have to tough it out. My doctor completely Ignored everything I told her I was concerned about. This is my 2nd child I have some idea of what's normal and what isnt. I wouldn't bring it to her attention if I felt it wasn't necessary. Her exact words were "see how miserable you are, think about that the next time and get in some really good birth control...." I was speechless....not only after my first son I was ruled infertile then I had a misscarrige 3 months after I got pregnant with this baby and was terrified. Baby wasn't an accident plus who isn't miserable in their 3rd trimester... I'm just shocked didn't say anything I got my stuff and left. Maybe it's my hormones but I thought that was seriously unprofessional mind due my doctor is pregnant with her 1st baby...I figured she'd have some kind of understanding. I was completely wrong. She prescribed me Abien to help me sleep but read up on it there's no way I'm going to take that pregnant. I'll just have to suffer it out till a miracle happens like my water breaks. 😣😢