Call me a bad mom

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Edit: a lot of the comments have opened my eyes. Not to the hand popping, I will still do that because he is my child, not yours. But to the fact that kids are mesmerized by the lights and ornaments and why should I take the joy out of it for him? If he starts breaking the ornaments, which will not be glass anyway so if he breaks them, he tried, then I'll tell him something. But if he's just looking and enjoying them and wanting to touch, then I will let him.

My friend and I were talking about Christmas and she mentioned getting a baby gate to put around the tree or just popping my son's hand when he touches the ornaments. I told her I'd rather pop his hand for it than let him think the world will always be baby proofed for him. Because it's true. I'd rather him learn not to touch something instead of putting something up to prevent him from touching it because in life you'll have to know what you can and can't do. And if that makes me a bad mom, then so be it. But it's how my siblings and I were raised and we're all fine.