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My baby father and I were both raised by single moms. When I got pregnant at 16, we both wanted to raise our kid together, which in the back of my head I always thought "well we are so young so that's most likely not gonna happen" & it isn't going to happen. 3 days from today my son and I are moving out on our own to a new state. My baby father can care less. Instead of wanting to spend some time with his son, he avoids him, even when my son wants to cuddle. (We still live together in the same house) it just frustrated the crap out of me because he acts like the perfect most caring dad in front of our pastor. Like the pastor was telling me it wasn't  fair that I was taking the baby away from his dad. But I'm the one that does EVERYTHING for my son. Cook, clean, wash his clothes, gives him baths, play with him, & cuddle him to sleep. Even though we been living together my son is more attached to him because his dad doesn't give him as much attention as he should. & when I told him he can just move closer to us (which he has family 2hrs away from where I'm going to move) he said no because of his job and his car & mom. Which is crap because just like me he can easily find a new job. He puts everything before his son, he said he's ok with seeing his kid 2 times a year LIKE WHAT. I'm so frustrated, & so ready to officially be a single mom; even though I felt like one already. 
Update: @Lisa I flipped my whole life around for him! I moved out of state and away from my family because he promised so many things. Yet he can't do the same for his son? & He doesn't care if I take my son. He doesn't mind seeing his son only 2 times a year. At least that's what he told me.