how to I tell my mom about the new guy I'm dating

Okay, so I am 19 years old. I live at home still because well, I'm going to a university like 10 minutes away. My ex boyfriend an I dated for like 2/3 years. He was the first and only guy I brought home. However, we broke up because he was a dick and cheated on me. We broke up months ago but however he still came around because he was trying to proved to me he changed but he didn't. I cut him off and stop bringing him around my family about a month ago. I told my mom we broke up however she doesn't know the full story. Any ways I started dating someone and he is great and a few years old. He has all the freedom in the world because he has his own apartment and isn't from here he is going to school in my city. Anyways, my mom asked about my ex yesterday because she really liked him. This was when I was about to tell her about the guy I'm dating because although I'm nineteen everytime I leave my house she always asks where I'm going. Her house her rules so I just follow her rules. However I feel like a little girl lying to her about where im going when I go out because I'm to old for it. I don't know how to tell her about his new guy. He is always inviting me out and always wants to do a lot and it would be nice if I could be like hey I'm going out with him. He wants to meet my parents however we both want to wait because we feel like it's too soon and don't want to get overwhelmed. I don't know how to go about thisĀ