birth of Nelson David

I went in Friday at 6am for induction. I got hooked up the pitocin around 8-9 they had trouble ordering my antibiotics. By 10 they broke my water. I did not feel a single contraction until about 1-2 when I was 5cm dialated. I got an epideral around 4 I was 7cm. They had trouble actually getting me numb I was only numb on one side for most the time I got 3 doses of epideral and they also had to pull out the epideral catheter a little and that helped me get numb on both sides. When I got the 3rd does of the epideral stuff around 6:50-7 and started feeling the need to push and was ready for baby. 22 minutes of pushing and out came Nelson. He had the cord wrapped around his neck so they fixed that really fast. He is 8 pounds and 15 ounces pooped as he was leaving. He is 20 inches long. I only had a slight 1st degree tear inside my vagina where his shoulder got stuck. That night we had a problem keeping his blood sugar up so we had to supplement with formula as well as breastfeeding. Now his blood sugar is fine and he is perfect!