hooking up

Okay so around two weeks ago I posted a post about how I kissed this guy and he didn't message me back and ect.. Anyway so he hasn't really looked at me/ talked to me since idk I know he's not prude or anything but on the weekend I went to this party he went to (it was on a mountain) and his friends left to get blankets because they were sleeping on the mountain and so it was just him and I and it was silent and he asked me to kiss him again (Three times to be exact) he said I could say no and he wast pressuring me into anything but I know he's been messaging a friend of mine saying they should talk again ect.. And I ended up saying no (he had been drinking btw I was fully sober) and I kind of regret it now.. Should I regret it after last time we hooked up he did message my good friend and another girl from my school and this was only two days ago so I'll see him at school tomorrow and we haven't texted or anything I'm confused I caught him looking at me like 10x times and I think I'm getting a crush but I don't know if I want to go down that road because I think he'll just want me to be sexual with him.... Am I acting crazy because it's my time of the month??