Am I pregnant??

Me and my boyfriend had sex 5 times last weekend. We did it raw for a few seconds (only like 2 times) but then got a condom, and when he was about to cum he pulled out and the cum was in the condom so I know it didn't break. I've been on the pill for about 5 months and im on the second inactive pill for this month. Well ive been having brown discharge all week, cramps, moody, hungry, breaking out, and horny which is what normally happens when im about to start.. but now im starting to pee more than usual, so I looked it up and sex can cause hormonal changes which can make you urinate more. This is the first time we've had sex in a while and the last time we did I had brown spotting then but my period came.. But im just worried that I may be pregnant because of the brown spotting and peeing more often, someone please help!!