advice needed !

Wonder if anybody has any advice as to what they think is going on with my cycle this month 😫
I'm normally a regular 26 day cycle. This changed from a 28 day following mmc @ 9 weeks at end of May. 
Been charting for a year and I know I always ovulate on cd 10-11 due to cm, temps and opk's.
This month, I ovulated at usual time, but started spotting from 3dpo. 
I assumed this was ovulation spotting as it stopped the next day. 
It did however start agin 5dpo and continued everyday until around 12dpo where it turned into more of a flow. 
I'm now 15dpo or cd 4 if I count the first day of full flow as cd1. 
I normally only have 4 day periods with the first and fourth being light, but I seem to be getting heavier and getting lots of cramp 😫
What is confusing me is my temps are still up ??
I've attached my charts and would appreciate it if anyone had some insight 🙏🏻
P.s sorry for the long winded post !