Hubby not bonding?

I'm sorry for this little vent but I'm starting to get a little down. My hubby and I really wanted this baby and after 2 miscarriages we now have a healthy baby on the way. When we 1st found out I was preg this time round. my hubby kept telling me he didn't want to get his hopes up and "would let" himself be excited after we got though the 1st trimester, I'm now 22 weeks and our little miracle is kicking like crazy, but he's still not interested. He felt the baby kick for the 1st on fathers day and I was so excited for him. So I told my parents but he kept correcting me say "oh I only think I did". I know that some fathers don't feel the way we do (as mums) until after the baby is born but time I bring up the baby he changes the subject and last week he told me he wanted to "upgrade" his sedan for a 2 seater ute. I'm starting to feel like I'm in this alone. Is there anyway I can try to get him more excited?