Need advice

Kinda long, but here's my situation. I've been trying to land this job for months as it pays double what I was making before and I can commute with my SO. I finally got the job (through a temp agency boo) and started on Wednesday. No one at my temp agency or at the place where my contract is knows that I'm pregnant. My contract is 9/6 to 9/7 of next year. I'm really scared to tell anyone I'm pregnant because I'm afraid they'll terminate my contract. Now I'm not expecting a paid maternity leave, but I would like to know what my rights are as a temp worker once baby comes in March. After a short Google session on the subject it basically looks like I'm SOL and that there will potentially be a penalty through my agency for terminating my contract early if the agency and client don't agree to just give me 4-8 weeks off. Has anyone had to go through a situation like this? Or know what my rights are as a contract worker? I will not have met the 1,250 hours required for FMLA by the time baby comes.